Call for Papers

Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks (VANETs) use in-vehicle, vehicle-to-roadside infrastructure and vehicle-to-backoffice communication to provide drivers with safety and efficiency related services. Examples of such services include collision avoidance, real-time traffic information, high-speed toll collection and mobile infotainment. The design and implementation of these services in a high-performance, reliable, scalable, secure and privacypreserving fashion presents exciting research challenges.

In addition, the experimentation and validation in VANETs either relies on simulations or testbeds. One the one hand, simulation requires realistic network and mobility models. On the other hand, with the emergence of communications standards and hardware, prototyping and testbeds allow to obtain performance measures under real-word conditions such as realistic signal propagation and vehicles' mobility.

VANETs is therefore a popular and active research field with many ongoing large-scale projects involving governments, academia and industry. These include research programs like the ones on cooperative systems within the eSafety framework of the European Union, or the IntelliDrive initiative in the USA. In parallel, VANET simulation and field operational tests are respectively tackled by other projects such as the FP7 iTetris and Drive C2X.

The workshop on VANET from Theory to Practice (VTP 2011) will to bring together researchers on VANETs to present and discuss recent advances in the development of inter-vehicular networking technologies. The workshop covers all theoretical and practical aspects related to applications modelling, simulation, prototyping and testbeds in VANETs.

The workshop covers all VANET related topics, including but not limited to: